About ICM & CEPA

Inter-Continental Microwave

In 1985 market research identified a demand for precision RF & Microwave measurements within the test industry. New products and applications demanded superior interfaces between microwave testing equipment and the Device Under Test (DUT) to satisfy stringent requirements.

In 1985, armed with this knowledge, our founder Werner Schuerch of Santa Clara, CA, designed an array of versatile and elegant test fixtures. Shortly after completion of initial deliveries, Inter-Continental Microwave (ICM) teamed with channel partner Hewlett-Packard. This teaming brought worldwide exposure to the ICM product line resulting in rapid expansion of our product line. Soon ICM had a library of standard fixtures to support our customers. In the coming years, our customers came to us time and time again for assistance in solving their most complex custom requirements. Our library grew…

In May 2007, ICM was acquired by Paul and Susan Ross and relocated to Chandler, AZ to be an affiliate of C.E. Precision Assemblies. CEPA’s long history as an expert Interconnect/ General Electronic/ Electro Mechanical Assembly company was a natural match.

To this day, Inter-Continental Microwave is determined to build the highest quality products to meet our customer’s challenges.